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KSC STRAC Rifle (ERG) to be released March 18th

14 March 2020

The release date of the new product “truck seriously rifle” with a serious coil unit is now available on 3/18 (Wed)!



The latest m-lok hand guard to the general raider, “pts ers Mount” and the perfect short magazine to aim for the gun, and the number of 120 Magazine Magazine will be included in the set. And more, the extra element is a very fulfilling package, so please try the unique set-up of the original design.

【on sale on Wednesday, March 18th】

● Z342 truck seriously rifle
Body price ¥ 43,500 (excluding tax)

● G341 truck 80 short magazine (Set of 3)
Body price ¥ 4,300 (excluding tax)

● G340 truck 120 Ren Magazine (Set of 3)
Body price ¥ 4,500 (excluding tax)

※ the spare magazine of the image is sold out, optical sites and bi pods are a reference.


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