ASG Blaster Tracer 0.25g 3300 - Red

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ASG Blaster Tracer 0.25g 3300 - Red

BLASTER Tracer BB’s for that extra touch of realism when playing at night. These tracer BB’s need to be ‘charged’ with light so they remain luminescent when fired.

Note that not all tra
cer units will illuminate red tracer.

Weight: 0.25 g Colour: Luminescent (Red).
3300 pcs. Bottle.
0.25 g BB's give average range and accuracy. 0.25 g BB's are standard for most velocity tests.
The BLASTER brand of BB’s from ActionSportGames represents the highest quality within Airsoft BB’s. BLASTER BB’s only vary between 5.96 mm and 5.98 mm in dimension, making them extremely consistent in size. In addition to the high consistency of the dimensions of the BB’s, all BLASTER brand Airsoft BB’s have received a special coating for improved smoothness/lubrication, ensuring almost no loss of compression when shooting. The high consistency in dimension and the special coating makes for an extremely high quality of Airsoft BB, placing the BLASTER brand among the very best of the Airsoft BB’s available on the market today.

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